Thurgoona Golf & Country Club Resort - Feb/ Mar 2021

Player List

The Lincoln Place NSW Senior Open Player list as of 9 October 2019. PGA Professionals should check the PGA website for confirmation of entry.

Douglas Francis (a) AUS Entered
Gordon Claney (a) VIC Entered
Greg O’Brien (a) NSW Entered
Robert Martin (a) QLD Entered
Greg Wilson (a) VIC Entered
Andrew Lambie (a) AUS Entered
Adam Ferguson (a) AUS Entered
Geoff Cranfield (a) NSW Entered
Wayne Buick (a) ACT Entered
Greg Harvison (a) AUS Entered
Warren Gorton (a) AUS Entered
John Osborn (a) NSW Entered
John Owen (a) VIC Entered
Geoffrey Charnley (a) AUS Entered
James Lavender (a) AUS Entered
Stephen King (a) AUS Entered
Geoff Walker (a) AUS Entered
Greg Stanford (a) AUS Entered
Ken Brewer (a) NSW Entered
John  Karen (a) NSW Entered
Michael Musgrave (a) AUS Entered 
Greg Harnwell (a) AUS Entered
Peter Richards (a) AUS Entered
Steve Puskaric (a) AUS Entered
Grahame Stinson (a) NSW Entered
Colin Lamb (a) NSW Entered
Glenn Rosewell (a) NSW Entered
PGA Professionals    
Peter Fowler NSW  
Brad Burns QLD  
Michael Harwood VIC  
TIm Elliott VIC  
Michael Long NZL  
Martin Pettigrew NZL  
Peter Senior QLD  
Peter Lonard NSW  
Peter O’Malley NSW  
Michael Clayton  VIC  
Steve Conran  NSW  
Richard Backwell QLD  
Glenn Joyner  QLD  
Martin Peterson NSW  
John Onions NSW  
Lucien Tinkler VIC  
Darren Rix QLD  
Ken Tarling CAN  
Peter Woodward VIC  
Shaquill Mongol USA  
Darryl Purchase NSW  
Guy Wall NSW  
Mike Zilko NSW  
Bryan Wearne VIC  
Tod Power QLD  
Ben Jackson ENG  
Grant Kenny NSW  
Chris Hollingsworth QLD  
David Diaz VIC  
Paul Dalgleish QLD  
Perry Parker USA  
Noel Ratcliffe NSW  
Richard Beer QLD  
Neil Wall QLD  
Richard Gilkey USA  
David Fearns NSW  
Scott Ford NSW  
Richard Cooney VIC  
John Martin VIC  
Steven Aisbett NSW  
Nigel Lane QLD  
Michael Holden NSW  
Simon Jagot NSW  
John Wade VIC  
David Hill VIC  
Paul Powell VIC  
Grant Fyander NSW  
Colin Hunt NSW  
Bruce MCLean NSW  
Adam Revai NSW  
Allan May NSW  
Robert Willis NSW  
Dan Harrington QLD  
Mark Tickle QLD  
Gary Bruyeres QLD  
Mark McFadden NSW  
Stephen Woodhead QLD  
Bryce Mawhinney NSW  
Michael Mosher NSW  
Shane O’Brien NSW  
Dean Simpson NZL  
Robert McConnell QLD  
Stephen Herbert WA  
Tomas Mezera QLD  
Gregory Hohnen NSW  
Peter Jones NSW  
Gregory Rix QLD  
Mark Poelstra QLD  
Andy Dakers NSW  
Miel Sarkies NSW  
Trevor McDonald VIC  
Steve Treisman NSW  
Jeff Holloway NSW  
Wesley Greene VIC  
Andrew Gott WA  
Wayne Rogers VIC  
Andrew Wyatt WA  
Frank COnallin NSW  
Mostyn Farmer WA  
David Galloway SA  
Michael Paterson VIC  
Gregory Engall NSW  
Gary Begg NSW  
Max Forrest NSW  
Douglas Maiden NSW  
David Wilson WA  
Tony Page VIC  
John Wright NSW  
Bruce Parker WA  
Gregory Smith ACT  
Chris Hearn NSW  
Anthony Hunter NSW  
Simon Tooman QLD  
Franjo Blazevic VIC  
Mark Sheppard ENG  
Stephen Kennedy VIC  
Karl Russell QLD  
Scott Puzey  USA  

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